Isbjörg was formed in 2015 and play epic, piano-centered progressive rock.

The Danish 6-piece takes full control over their sound. They write, record, mix and master their music themselves, giving them the opportunity to seamlessly transition between these different stages of the process, shaping their own and thoroughly unique sound. The aim of the band has always been to surprise and break musical boundaries without compromising the songwriting.

Isbjörg released their debut EP in 2016. It was critically acclaimed by Danish music websites and magazines such as Gaffa and for its unique approach to the progressive genre through the use of piano as the main instrument.
Later in
2016 Isbjörg released the single ‘In Endings’. It consists of 11 small music tracks that, when played in sequence, forms an entire song. The listener is encouraged to play back the tracks on shuffle to generate a new version of ‘In Endings’ every time.
In 2017 Isbjörg released their second EP ‘Glacier’ which showcases a matured and more focused band with big ambitions. The song ‘Collective Egoism’ was released as a single with a music video prior to the EP release. Like with all of Isbjörg’s productions, the music video was made entirely by the band with help from friends and family.

With two EP’s and two single releases behind them, Isbjörg have evolved and matured their piano-heavy sound throughout the years which now culminates with their debut album ‘Iridescent’.
On ‘Iridescent’ Isbjörg challenges the conventions and cement themselves as a band who strives to give something different to the world of progressive rock. Odd time signatures and polyrhythms combined with catchy hooks and lush melodies capture the listener in an intense and unpredictable soundscape. The title ‘Iridescent’ as well as the artwork (Original painting by Freia Maria Faber) for the album encapsulates the colorful and lush vibe of Isbjörg’s sound. The music has many facets but they are all united by the energetic performances and the continuous fusion of the distorted guitars and the classic piano. The lyrical themes of the album also range widely, but with an overall melancholic but hopeful feel to them.

As with Isbjörg’s previous work ‘Iridescent’ was written, recorded, mixed, mastered and published by the band themselves. ‘Iridescent’ is excactly the album Isbjörg wanted to make and captures the creative energy and playful rebelliousness that makes Isbjörg who they are.

Isbjörg is:
Niklas Jespersen – Vocals
Mathias Bro Jørgensen – Piano, vocals
Dines Dahl Karlsen – Guitar
Lasse Gitz Thingholm – Guitar
Mathias Schouv Kjeldsen – Bas
Frederik Ølund Uglebjerg – Drums

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