Music video for 'Supine' out now!

The music video for our song ‘Supine’ is out now! ‘Supine’ is the first track off our debut album ‘Iridsecent’ from 2019.



The song tells the story of a man lying on the ground, reminiscing about his life and all of his actions leading up to this crucial point in time. The video follows this man very closely as both him and the viewer tries to put the pieces together and make sense of the situation. As with every other production we’ve made in Isbjörg, the video is completely DIY with the help from friends and family.


Schedule for Smukfest 2019

We’re finally able to announce the time and date of our show at this years Smukfest. We’re playing at the Live Camp stage at 6:00PM on Sunday the 4th of August. 

We’ll be the third band on the stage, so come early and kick the festival off with us! Check out the entire schedule here: 


Everybody say hello to our first born ‘Iridescent’.
We are so immensely proud of this album, and we have been excited like crazy to finally share it with you all 🥳🥳

The album is out on all thinkable streaming services! Spotify, Apple music, Tidal, Deezer, etc. 🤘…

‘Iridescent’ is out in only one week!

7 days from now we drop our debut album “Iridescent”. If you, like us, can’t wait, then check out the teaser below to hear snippets from all the songs and stay tuned on our Facebook page for more teasers in the coming week.

We are playing Smukfest 2019 (Live Camp)


Thank you all so much for all the votes, the likes, the sharing, the caring and all the love you gave us these past days. We are incredibly grateful and extremely happy to announce that we are playing at this years Smukfest at Live Camp! 😍

Unfortunately we were made aware that our merch-contest were in violation of Facebook’s rules, so we are not able to announce a winner. We’re really sorry, but we’ll send each participant a personal message and a huge thank you 🙏

Thanks to TAK ROCK! for this opportunity! Be sure to check out FooNMAWIC and De Frigjorte.
They all deserved this as much as we did, so give them a listen and go to their shows! We’ll see you there! 🤜🤛

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